Simplifying Formative Feedback For Teachers

Our aim is to support every teacher in Ireland to provide a personalised teaching experience to their students.


Standardise feedback. Personalised feedback to every student.

Build Confidence

Protect teachers and give them time back. Less time in, higher quality out.


Motivational frameworks to understand the interests of each student.

Key Benefits of our Platform

Save time and deliver higher quality feedback.
Help your students fulfil their potential.

50% teacher
workload reduction

14.6% average
grade improvement

87% increase in
student confidence

Who’s using jumpAgrade?

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🔍 A Research Backed Platform

98% of students who receive individualised feedback perform better than those that don't.

JumpAgrade commissioned a research project with a pedagogy team at Learnovate, the EdTech Research & Design Centre in Trinity College Dublin. This framework combines the best practice of Teaching and Learning combined with the efficiencies of Digital Learning to save teachers time and simplify high-quality formative feedback.

Our research-backed framework ensures that the feedback a student receives aligns their individual learning goals.

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